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Courses for project management certification

Certification in Corporate World

Any kind of professional training or certificate always gives a professional an edge over the others. In the corporate world, the competition between professionals is very steep. Apart from experience, any other certification, training or diploma makes one stand ahead of the others. It makes one gain credibility and skill and thereby prove oneself to be worthy to one’s supervisor and also to one’s peers.

Managing business in the corporate world is a tough and challenging job. Not everyone becomes a good manager. However, some professional training might help the managers do a better job and earn more respect from his/her team members and the management above him/her. Such professional training is often achieved by clearing the examination that certifies you with the project management certification.

Such certification helps one to portray one’s talent to one’s peers and seniors. It makes one eligible to take project management responsibilities and successfully carry them out, as to give such examination a fair amount of time has to be dedicated to project management. Most importantly, such certifications help one to prove to himself/herself that they are confident to take such roles in their professional career. This also gives them the confidence to move forward towards better opportunities.

Project Management Certification Courses

Such certifications, better known as Project Management Professional (PMP) certification are conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The criteria to appear for project management certification are: being a graduate, having a minimum of 4,500 hours of experience of heading a project and thirty-five hours of training on project management. This certification is acknowledged worldwide.

Clearing this examination is not easy. One has to come out with flying colors after answering a question paper with two hundred questions. Along with a sound academic background and professional experience in project management, often formal training is required for these examinations. Before appearing for such examinations, one needs to dedicate at least thirty five hours for rigorous preparation.

In order to get the proper hand holding for such preparations, there are institutes all over the world who prepare individuals for these certifications. These institutes also provide sample question papers and adequate study materials for the preparation of these examinations. These institutes are set up solely to guide such candidates. They have proper coaches to coach the candidates for doing their best in the examination. Apart from these formal institutes there are online sites solely dedicated for the preparation of the project management certification examination.